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The Chiro Kinetics Rehabilitation protocols, created by Dr. Scott and Rachael Bergman, are represented in the clinic name and is the cornerstone of our practice. Chiro refers to Chiropractic, the restoration of proper joint motion and nerve function. Kinetics means movement, referring to the re-education of the muscular system.

The foundation of our rehab protocols were built on 4 principles:

Proper joint motion

  • If joint motion is restricted muscle function is inhibited

Muscle flexibility

  • Restoring normal muscle length allows contraction through the muscle’s full range of motion

Muscle stability

  • Improves efficiency of muscle initiation and muscle endurance

Muscle strength

  • Improves the ability of the muscle to do more work

Each principle builds upon the other. If you perform any of these out of sequence the joint/muscle relationship will not be restored.

We created these protocols with the understanding that if only chiropractic adjustments were provided, muscle re-education would not take place. This certainly will provide relief of symptoms but often results in old movement patterns pulling the bones back to their painful position.

As well, if only the muscular system is addressed, skeletal realignment and improved joint motion will not take place. This perpetuates the original nerve irritation causing the return of muscle spasms and pain.


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