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Founded in 1994 by Dr. Scott and Rachael Bergman, Chiro Kinetics is a Chiropractic and Naturopathic health clinic focused on guiding patients to a healthy, vital and pain-free life. Our philosophy is based on the belief that the health and vitality of the body is dependent on the strength of four intertwined pathways:

  • Structure
  • Function
  • Bio Chemistry
  • Bio Resonance

When these four areas are balanced, the body's ability to produce energy required to repair and regenerate normal tissue is optimized. We combine services addressing each of these pathways to create a customized treatment plan to provide the most optimal result for your condition.

Structure is dictated by the synergy between nerves, muscles and joints. Healthy structure reduces degenerative damage to joints, soft tissues and the nervous system. Irritated nerves decrease communication to corresponding muscles and organs, decreasing function and creating poor health. Chiro Kinetics offers Chiropractic Services and the Opti-Fit ™/Opti-Race™ Orthotics System to restore and maintain normal structural, joint, muscle and nervous system function.


Improving biological function creates stamina, energy and vitality leading to power, endurance and performance. Together, Dr. and Rachael Bergman created Rehabilitation Protocols to help clients work through acute and chronic conditions. Under Dr. Bergman's supervision Clinical Massage, Core Yoga Therapy and Pilates are integrated into a personalized program giving you tools to maintain strength and range of motion for the long term.

Bio Chemistry:

Bio Chemistry influences all metabolic functions. Through unique clinical testing and interpretation, Chiro Kinetics identifies nutritional imbalances resulting from toxins and stresses placed on the body. Chiro Kinetics offers Nutritional Services, uniquely tailored for each client based on their specific biochemical map to create and maintain health.

Bio Resonance:

Bio Resonance refers to the chemical energy that operates all physiological activity in the body. Within each cell, the Mitochondria convert nutrients to energy. Energy produced from different types of tissues or organs will have unique electrical frequencies referred to as biological resonance. Obstruction of normal electrical frequency will result in slower healing, lower immune function, pain, inflammation, swelling, and organ dysfunction. Biological Resonance Therapy (BRT) introduces the ideal electrical frequencies to specific malfunctioning or damaged tissues increasing the body's innate ability to heal. 


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