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Sue M.
Chiro Kinetics client since 2003

Age:  50 ish

Life Roles: 
IT professional in the healthcare industry, mother, and avid gardener

To survive breast cancer

Health Challenge:
Sue was a Chiropractic patient of Chiro Kinetics for a number of years when diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer in June of 2005 with a 70% mortality rate. Her oncologist prescribed a very aggressive treatment protocol of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and reconstruction.  This protocol included very stringent dietary restrictions. For example, she could not take any antioxidants; she could only take those available through food. The challenges of eating and exercising during chemotherapy result in a significant loss of lean body mass. Sue knew this was a fight for her life and wanted to take an aggressive approach to get her body and immune system in top condition. She came to us for a program to support her body as she went through her cancer treatment.

Chiro Kinetics Treatment Plan:
We tailored a program to help Sue get her body ready for the cancer treatment. The goal was to help her maintain her energy levels so she could eat, exercise and maintain health.

  • Nutritional Services that gave a detailed nutritional plan specific to the needs of someone about to go through treatment for cancer.  It included food recommendations and a regime of Medical Foods and Nutraceuticals to support Sue’s immune system for health and energy. 
  • Rehabilitation Protocols to give her a program of stretching and exercises to regain strength and range of motion in her arm. 

Health and Wellness
Sue immediately started on her diet and exercise “training plan” to get her body ready for the fight ahead. This “training plan” was so effective that she lost 20 lbs. of body fat before starting chemotherapy. Patients going through an aggressive treatment similar to Sue’s are typically plagued with a long list of problems: weakness, loss of energy, colds and flu, loss of lean body mass, nerve damage, limited strength and range of motion due to scar tissue. In contrast, Sue experienced no loss of lean body mass (“wasting”), no colds or flu, and no nerve damage. After Pilates and Yoga Rehabilitation in our office she reported better arm range of motion than her pre surgical state. Sue even felt well enough, and had the energy, to start horseback riding lessons during treatment! For the long term, Sue knows that improving diet and exercise will increase her chance survival – for every 11 pounds gained post diagnosis, her chances of dying from breast cancer go up 14%.  Through her work with Chiro Kinetics, Sue feels she is in control of her health and has the tools to fight this disease for the long term. 

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