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Age:  Retired Senior

Life Roles
Retired data processing manager, mother, grandmother, and passionate world traveler.

To have a vital and active life so she can enjoy her retirement, play with her grandchildren and travel.

Health Challenge:
Recently retired, Lynn experienced a couple of unexplained falls that were painful and disturbing because she felt like her sense of balance was out of whack.  Additionally, she really wanted to understand where her health was with regard to her nutrition because she was waking up at night and had low energy in the late afternoon.  Concerned that she would not be able to have the active retirement she had envisioned, she contacted Chiro Kinetics to help her get back on track.
Additionally, Lynn had been a Chiro Kinetics client for a number of years when she developed a liver cyst about 5 inches in diameter.  In spite of the medical diagnosis of a benign cyst, Lynn was concerned about its impact on her long term health and wanted to seek alternatives that would reduce and eliminate it.

Chiro Kinetics Treatment Plan:
A tailored plan to help Lynn get back on track. Over her years as a patient, Lynn has used a variety of services to help regain and maintain her health.

Health and Performance
“One of my most dramatic results with Chiro Kinetics was the elimination of the cyst on my liver.  From one diagnostic ultrasound to the next, the cyst was reduced from 5 inches to 1.5 inches. At my last ultrasound, there was no trace of the cyst at all.  I feel that the combination of BRT and the changes in my diet were key to the elimination of the cyst.”
Within one year of receiving Chiropractic adjustments and following a program of stretching and strengthening she no longer was experiencing the loss of balance and falls. She has higher levels of energy and dramatic improvement in the quality of her sleep. She even noticed decreased sensitivity to allergies and hay fever that used to plague her every spring. 

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