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Life Roles: 
Professional triathlete, entrepreneur, husband and father.

To become one of the top ranked triathletes in the world with a strong resume of multiple Ironman Championships and top finishes at Ironman Worlds.

Health Challenge:
For professional athletes at the top of their game, performance improvements of greater than 4 or 5% are extremely difficult to achieve. Chris was coming off a 10 month hiatus from training and racing due to a stress fracture in his hip. The injury created a mass of swelling that lingered in spite of multiple attempts to drain it by one of the leading sports medicine MD’s in the country. Dr. Bergman recognized previously unidentified structural imbalances due to compensation from Chris’ training workload. Without treatment over time, these kinds of issues can result in fatigue and over-use injuries. Chris decided it was a good time to evaluate all aspects of his physiology from structure and function to nutrition with the goal of taking his performance up another notch.

Chiro Kinetics Treatment Plan:
Treatment was tailored to address Chris’s acute injury to the hip and help him achieve the performance improvements he was seeking.

Health and Performance

Immediately following the treatment with the BRT, the mass on Chris’s hip was reduced by 80% and for the first time muscle and tissue could be felt vs. fluid.  After the second treatment his pain level reduced while range of motion and power returned to normal. By following a more focused nutritional plan he lost weight while eating more food.  He increased his lean muscle mass by 4 pounds, lost almost 5 pounds of body fat and increased his metabolism.  He became more conscious of the importance of keeping his body structurally sound with targeted chiropractic adjustments and maintaining core strength and range of motion. 
Returning from injury in 2005 he became one of the top tri-athletes in the world with his best finishes at the 2006, 2007 and 2009 Ironman World Championships. 

“In contrast to chiropractic and nutrition programs that are targeted to the masses, Chiro Kinetics is very focused on creating treatment protocols that are specific to your body. Dr.  Bergman helped me understand how to look at each aspect of structure, function and nutrition as key components of the whole. As an athlete, I believe this is the secret to dramatic improvements in performance and lowering fatigue, stress and injuries for the long haul.” 

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