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Nutritional Products:
Chiro Kinetics only prescribes products that have been clinically proven for safety purity and efficacy. These science-based nutraceutical companies offer formulas targeting specific health conditions. Their products are only available through licensed healthcare practitioners – practitioners who understand and recognize the importance of quality to help patients achieve and maintain a lifetime of good health.

Chiro Kinetics Supplements:
Chiro Kinetics brand is a suite of in-house products designed to support specific nutritional needs. Our products are:

  • Scientifically developed and tested to ensure that each product delivers the nutritional support as promised.
  • Easily digested and appropriate for patients with special dietary needs (wheat, dairy and gluten-free).
  • Carefully formulated and composed of the highest quality ingredients:
    • True Chelated Minerals -minerals that are the most easily absorbed by the human body and are gentle on the body's digestive system.
    • Crystalline fructose - the lowest glycemic simple sugar, that is more slowly absorbed into your body creating a consistent energy source without the energy spikes and declines of lower grade sweeteners.
    • Pure whey protein that has the highest biologic value for better absorption.

Nutraceuticals refer to extracts or foods that scientifically demonstrate physiological benefits or provide protection against chronic disease.

Medical Food
A food formulated to be consumed under the supervision of a physician and intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition.

To qualify as a medical food a product must:

  • Comply with FDA quality assurance guidelines of all ingredients
  • Hold GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Scientific literature supporting the effectiveness of ingredients
  • Laboratory research confirming the ingredients and ratios work together
  • Clinical Trials for conditions


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