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Rachael and Dr. Scott Bergman have drawn from their experience to create Core Yoga, a system combining postures, breathing techniques, visualization and meditation. Their unique combination of yoga is designed to develop a proactive lifestyle and enhance physical and mental balance, spinal alignment, muscle symmetry, endurance and proper range of motion.

Core Yoga allows all levels of student to experience a safe, practical and thorough workout while still benefiting from the mindful art of Yoga. It will help stabilize your body while elevating your mental and physical performance.  While practicing Core Yoga you will gain composure, concentration, focus, increased energy and vitality. With your commitment, this system delivers change.

In contrast to yoga classes for the masses, Core Yoga is tailored to each person as a key component of our integrated approach to health. We help patients develop a lifelong practice of yoga that will create strength and mobility for the long term. How you train in class prepares you to live outside the class.

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