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For those who want a greater level of energy and vitality for their professional and personal lives or those who want to improve their fitness and mental performance for a higher level of athletic achievement.

It is common understanding that exercise does not build the body but rather breaks the body down. At rest, our ability to re-build muscle is dictated by our nutrition and metabolic status. Only with elevated nutrient store houses, can the athlete recover from the inflammation and tissue damage that occurs even during normal levels of exercise. Dr. Bergman has developed effective protocols to address the inflammatory and catabolic (tissue degeneration) state that can occur in the athlete's body resulting from (often unidentified) depleted nutrients caused by training. Improving the body's metabolic balance allows the athlete to train harder and recover faster, avoiding injuries and ill health that negatively impact performance goals. 

Your body needs more "fuel" than normal with increased activity, because it needs to repair. If you are unable to consume the fuel you need, your body will soon draw upon what it has stored—fat and protein. When your body uses stored protein, energy production is reduced. Malnutrition and impaired function of your immune system may result.

Nourishing your body with a well-balanced diet and customized, high quality supplementation is one way you can help yourself reduce the negative effects of increased exercise. 

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