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Orthotics are structural supports for your feet aimed at keeping the three arches in the foot properly aligned. Most practitioners providing custom orthotics will create the mold without making any correction for the misalignments that commonly cause symptoms like bunions, plantar fascitis and heel spurs. This is similar to casting a broken leg before it is set. In contrast, Dr. Bergman created our Opti Fit™ approach using Chiropractic adjustments, Bio Resonance Therapy and Clinical Massage to correct misalignments of the foot PRIOR to casting the orthotic. We correct your foot alignment to its most ideal position for optimal bio mechanics.

Over our lifetime our feet take more abuse than any other body part. Supporting the proper foot, ankle and leg neutral positions ensures optimal bio mechanics resulting in less pain and fatigue. This system has proven effective for chronic pain management patients as well as world-class professional athletes.

Opti-Fit/Opti-Race Orthotics






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