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Clinical Massage is the practice of applying structured pressure to the soft tissues of the body, to achieve physical, functional, and therapeutic response. Massage can be applied to heal injury, relieve tension caused by stress, manage pain, and improve circulation.

Chiro Kinetics utilizes massage services as a component of our Treatment Plan for our clients. In contrast to other massage practices, our massage therapists are fully briefed on your condition and they are able to provide a massage that is specific to your health needs.

In addition to standard massage certifications, the massage staff receives specific training from Dr. Bergman, Rachael Bergman and other highly specialized practitioners.

Treatment techniques include:

  • Trigger point therapy for the alleviation of fibrous muscle spasms.
  • Myofascial (muscle and fascia) therapy for flexibility/mobility of the connective tissues of our body, or for alleviating adhesions and decreasing the severity of scars.
  • Broad handed techniques for reducing swelling or inflammation
  • Frictions for the ridding of adhesions between fascial layers, muscles, compartments and the like. Frictions also promote healing in tendon pathologies as well as decreasing pain perception.
  • Sustained pressure (digital pressures) to alleviate hypertonic (tight) areas within muscle and fascia
  • Stretching - static, dynamic, and/or PNF stretches (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

Other techniques such as Active Release Therapies, Myofascial Release and deep tissue massage are all derivatives of the techniques above. They are NOT unique techniques with unique results.

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