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Our Functional Medicine approach and our unique clinical analysis separate us from a common nutrition program. All aspects of the nutritional program are directed by Dr. Scott Bergman, Clinic Director.

It is now accepted that a person's state-of-health arises from the dynamic interactions between environmental factors and the individual's genetic uniqueness. It has been scientifically demonstrated that the food you eat is a key influence in determining your health. Nutrition has the ability to effect the expression of your genetic code rendering you susceptible to disease or helping you achieve optimal health. As a result, a new patient-centered care has emerged that relies upon nutrition and other modifiable lifestyle factors focusing on Cultivating Your Health Potential.

Functional Medicine is the genesis of this new approach to patient care. It is an integrative, science-based healthcare system that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing assessments on the bio-chemically unique aspects of each patient. Protocols are individually tailored to restore physical, emotional and structural balance.

At Chiro Kinetics we compile a unique and comprehensive picture of your metabolic status. We do not diagnose or treat disease. Instead we address the individual and their Core Clinical Imbalances that alter health leading to a dis-eased state.

It is common practice in the medical field to view clinical markers to determine if you are healthy or diseased. This model generally identifies a problem once the body is so far out of balance it can no longer regulate itself.  At Chiro Kinetics, our testing and analysis identify the subtle signs of metabolic malfunction that lead to ill health usually before it is classified as a medical disease.

These signs of metabolic malfunction may manifest as ambiguous symptoms like hormone imbalances, pain and chronic inflammation, sinus and allergy issues or digestive disorders. They can also be more obvious like weight control, suppressed immune function, low energy and fatigue or blood sugar dysregulation.

At Chiro Kinetics we want to help you feel better now and give you the tools you need to promote wellness, health and performance throughout your life.


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