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Our goal is to help each person acquire the skills necessary to sustain a quality of life that is pain free by correcting the stresses that alter health, function and clarity of mind. Health, by definition, is the optimal performance of the body's vital functions free from disease and pain. Our approach is to give patients the tools for long term health and vitality that are realistic for every day living. It is more effective to find and treat the cause(s) of a problem than merely treating the symptom. The primary areas where we tailor our services to your specific issues are Injury Management, Chronic Conditions and Pain Management and Acute Sickness. To that end, Chiro Kinetics offers a unique combination of services that provide an integrative approach to your health needs.

  • Chiropractic services to restore and maintain normal structural, joint, muscle and nervous system function
  • Opti-Fit™ Orthotics system to support your structure from the ground up
  • Rehabilitation protocols, Clinical Massage, Core Yoga therapy and Pilates integrated into a personalized program to improve flexibility, stability and strength throughout your body's optimal ranges of motion.
  • State of the art technologies to evaluate and monitor your metabolic status
  • Bio Resonance Therapy which is designed to "jump start" the body's neurological system and remove the barriers to healing.
  • Science-based medical foods and nutraceuticals that are assayed to deliver the purity, potency and dosage claimed. Our goal is to take away the guesswork associated with the wide array of supplements and vitamins on the market and prescribe to you only what meets your current needs.



Health Services
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