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Scott Bergman, Doctor of Chiropractic, Board Certified Traditional Naturopath. Functional Medicine Practitioner and Certified Triathlon and Multi-Sport coach.  Since 1992, his passion for helping people reach their genetic and athletic potential has helped chronic pain patients walk their first 5K and professional athletes earn championships and podium positions.  He has coached hundreds of athletes through all distances in the sport of Triathlon and is himself a multiple Ironman finisher.

Coaching: $110.00 /Month + $75.00 Initial Consultation Fee

Designed for the athlete who wants customization in a training schedule.

  • Custom Training Plan Based on an Athlete's Current Fitness and Experience Level
  • Training Zones Based on Perceived Exertion
    • (Optional Heart Rate/Pace/Power Zones are Available)
  • Monthly Training Schedule Analysis and Alterations if Necessary
  • Training/Racing Nutrition Analysis
  • Email Access with DrB

The consult typically takes about 60-75 minutes and is preferably done in person covering the following:

  • Current Health Assessment
  • Athletic History
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Race strategy

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