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The concept of Biological Resonance refers to all tissues having an ideal electrical frequency that coordinates physiological activity. Specific conditions, such as inflammation, form altered frequency patterns that are stored in tissues and become inhibitors to this ideal electrical current. This may negatively influence physiological activities that can lead to pain and be detrimental to overall health.

Biological Resonance Therapy (BRT) increases the production of ATP (your own chemical energy) by up to 500%. This improves speed of recovery and promotes healing through increased protein synthesis and waste product removal. Specific frequencies restore ideal biological resonance in tissues, modulating pain and inflammation in a way previously thought impossible. BRT is measured in millionths of an amp, capable of treating the condition at the cellular level. By comparison, other electro-therapies produce amperage in the thousandths (1000 times less specific). BRT treatment is painless because the amperage is sub sensory to nerve firing.

At Chiro Kinetics, BRT jump starts the body's physiological ability to heal itself. It is almost always included in a client's Treatment Plan because it has a huge influence over all of the body's structural, functional, and biochemical systems. We use BRT and its thousands of frequencies to assist with a variety of health issues including: pain and inflammation, allergies, trauma, migraines, digestive problems, infections and viruses. By implementing BRT and complementary nutritional protocols in your daily living, you can experience fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief and tissue repair where numerous treatments have failed.

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