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Increase Efficiency & Comfort while Reducing Risk of Injury!

The rate of overuse injuries in cyclists is high due to the repetitive nature of the pedal stroke. The smallest amount of misalignment, whether due to extrinsic factors, such as incorrect bike fit and technique errors, or intrinsic factors, such as the rider’s biomechanical imbalances, can easily lead to overuse injuries. Poor technique or misalignment will affect your performance and put you at risk of injury.

We don't fit riders to bikes, we fit bikes to riders.

A proper bike fit will optimize comfort, power, and control. A precise, thoughtful fitting is the single best investment you can make to achieve your fitness goals and maximize the enjoyment of the ride.

At Chiro Kinetics we view your fit as a biomechanical evolution. We will work to improve your flexibility, enhance your strengths and perfect your mechanics. We are committed to purposefully and progressively helping you achieve your cycling goals step-by-step.

Chiro Kinetics is dedicated to the science and synergy between the structure of the bicycle with the mechanics and function of the individual for an unparalleled cycling experience. Our approach leverages the best techniques and information about bike fitting from people like Paul Swift and Dan Empfield with Dr. Bergman’s decades of clinical experience and knowledge of bio-mechanics, injury prevention and human performance creating a fitting experience that is as unique as every rider we encounter.

Chiro Kinetics BIKE FIT Analysis Includes:

  • Consultation, Physical History and Outcome Assessment with Dr. Bergman
  • Functional Examination of Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Postural Alignment
  • Inspection and Correction of:
    • Eight vector Foot/Pedal interface alignment
    • Knee Position
    • Hip and Trunk Stability
    • Shoulder Carriage
    • Saddle Height
    • Crank Length, Gearing
    • Top Tube and Stem Length
    • Elbow Position
    • Wrist Alignment
    • Handlebar Size

Our Bike Fit technician has been fitting cyclists, riders and triathletes internationally for years. He is a USA Cycling certified coach as well as a national and international instructor of the BikeFit system. This means he’s “The Guy” who trains all the other guys.

BikeFit Prices

Bike Fit: $250.00 – Duration 90 minutes to 3 hours

Includes eight point cleat-pedal interface alignment (does not include new parts)

Cleat Alignment: $25.00 – Second pair of shoes or cleat replacement.

Includes - Eight point cleat-pedal interface alignment (does not include cleats)

Semi-Custom Foot Beds: $80.00
Full Custom Opti-Fit Orthotics: $250.00

Parts & Pedals

We carry a wide variety of bike parts and accessories to switch out during your fit to determine what works best for you.

  • Speedplay Zero & Light Action Pedal Sets
  • Speedplay Custom Axles
  • Zero & Light Action Cleats
  • Speedplay Cleat Extenders
  • Coffee Shop Caps
  • 20mm Pedal Extenders
  • Stems
  • Saddles
  • Crank Sets

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Equipment can be rented prior to purchase to ensure proper fit. A $25 fee applies to each part rented and will be applied towards the purchase of the individual products.

Example: The Stem and Saddle are rented for $50.00. If the Stem is returned and the Saddle is purchased.

  • $25 goes toward the purchase of the Saddle.
  • $25 retained for rental of the Stem.

Bike Fit Results


Foot with forefoot inward angulation (AKA varus) must press down to meet the pedal, thus causing the chain reaction shown. Lower leg rotates inward, causing the Knee to move in towards the bike frame, in the pedaling downstroke.

RESULT: A repetitive side-to-side movement of the knee.

Misaligned Lower Leg The knee follows a near vertical path, reducing knee strain and potential for injury.

RESULT: A neutral foot position throughout the pedaling rotation.
Aligned Lower Leg
The pressure point (aka "hot spot") created between the foot & pedal. Foot Pressure Point The pressure is distributed evenly across the foot & pedal. Foot distribution pressure point
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